“If you don’t work, you can’t eat.”

  – Bobby Byrd, 1970

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Welcome to my portfolio site, the majority of which was quaintly designed and "coded" (cough) in 2008. I'm in the midst of updating, so please accept my apologies for page inconsistency. In the meantime click here for a selection of my print & online design from 1994 to now. For better examples of my HTML & CSS expertise, view source at islandtechnologies.net, eismanmarketing.com, mlaskincare.com, stephanieweaver.co.uk, the Arras-based Wordpress site goforfilming.com, and this very page (which, incidentally, will look and behave its best in Safari and Chrome). At that point we can discuss the pros and cons of tableless layout at your convenience. Talk to you soon.
– Mark Weddington | June 8, 2011